Why Do You Need Payoneer Account/MasterCard In 2023?

By | February 7, 2023

In my own opinion, Payoneer is the best Paypal alternative which means if you don’t have a Paypal account or Paypal isn’t available in your country like it’s not supported by Pakistan then you would be needing an Online Payment Transfer & Funding service and the best solution for this is Payoneer which works across 200+ countries and even those where PayPal isn’t operating.

Payoneer has been partnered with thousands of businesses such as UpWork, Airbnb, Themeforest, 99Designs, Propellerads, Revenuehits & Fiverr.com which is a freelancing site & users can easily withdraw their earnings from those sites & businesses into their Payoneer accounts & then they can then withdraw their balance either using their Payoneer MasterCard or they can withdraw Payoneer funds to their local Banks.

Why You Need Payoneer

In this article, I’m going to list some causes that will compel you to get your own Payoneer Account/MasterCard.

Reasons why you should have an active Payoneer Account

I’m going to list a few causes/reasons as I don’t have much in my mind but helping in the situation is appreciated. Please share your own reasons & causes that why you created a Payoneer account & what purpose are you using it for.

  1. Low-Cost Payment Transferring & Funding Service.
  2. It is easier to manage, send & withdraw your money.
  3. Provides you MasterCard that works worldwide.
  4. Partnered with thousands of big companies in which 99designs, fiverr.com, Amazon.com & Airbnb, etc are included which means if you want to withdraw your money from those companies, Payoneer will do the rest of the money withdrawn to your account.
  5. It helps you make your Online Payment Secure & Make Secure Payments to your clients & companies you trust.
  6. Currently, at the time, 4 Million users are registered from 200+ countries & in more than 150 currencies worldwide which is a sign of success for Payoneer.
  7. It allows you to fund your account from another Payoneer account holder free of cost & thus the same you can send payments to your clients without paying any fee.
  8. Provides you Global Payment Service you can use to fund your account using any Local Banks Account.
  9. Has a good supporting system.
  10. Provides you with a revenue stream through which you can make thousands of Dollars by just referring unique customers to Payoneer. Not only you but your customer account is loaded with a $25 bonus reward. The same goes here. If you apply using our Referral link, you’ll Get a $25 Bonus Free.

3 thoughts on “Why Do You Need Payoneer Account/MasterCard In 2023?

  1. Arun sharma

    I found it very helpful, the information is good, Keep it up

  2. Rishi

    Superb guide.
    Personally, I prefer Payoneer over Paypal.
    Keep sharing such nice content.


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