Ways To Promote Payoneer To Make Up To $1000 Per Month

By | May 22, 2017

There are incredible Affiliate Networks that pays the highest commission to their affiliates. Payoneer is one of them that offering at the time a unique affiliate account to users to earn up to $100 for each customer they bring to Payoneer.

Recently we shared with you a complete step by step guide on Payoneer Bonus & in the same post, we are going to explicate some awesome & easy ways to promote Payoneer to make up to $1000 per month without any hard working right from our home free of cost.

You would have been using the Payoneer Referral program but I tell you to stop using it & instead, you should join their affiliate network. The difference between affiliate & referral I’m going to share with you below.make-money-with-payoneer-affiliate-program

Payoneer Affiliate VS Referral Program:

Their Affiliate & Referral Program works the same but when it comes to earning more money with Payoneer, Affiliate program is the best because if you are using Referral Program then you will just be earning $25 bonus for each customer you refer to Payoneer while using Affiliate program, you can earn up to $100 for each customer.

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I’ve been using Payoneer Affiliate program & I have got one offer from it. The unique offer currently has three tiers program. In the 1st tier, when you refer 10 customers to Payoneer & each of them load theiraccounts of $100 then you will earn $25 for each while in the 2nd tier program, you will earn $35 bonus for each new customer you make after successfully bringing 10 unique customers & in the 3rd tier, you will earn $100 for each customer you refer after referring 100 customers successfully to Payoneer. It’s important for you to use the exact offer affiliate URL given to you by Payoneer or otherwise you won’t be able to get any commission.


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Best Ways To Promote Payoneer To Make Money Online Free:

Nowadays, with the fastest growing technology & growing tools available on the internet, It’s now more easier than before to make thousands of money or in other words to open revenue streams without doing any hard work. There are plenty of useful & effortless ways you can use to promote your affiliate link to make up to $1000. So, let’s we talk about them below.

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1:- Run A Blog

Blogging is nowadays is the easiest way to convey your message to the world just from your Home door. You might already have a blog but if you don’t have yet then you should create your own personal blog in order to promote your affiliate products & to make thousands of money online effortlessly.

This is the only way for thousands of other bloggers that nowadays making thousands of dollars effortlessly from their blogs.

2:- Create A Channel

After google, Youtube which is a video sharing site for users across the world is now ranking after Google.com which means, Youtube is the second most visited site on the internet.

Another useful thing with Youtube is that its videos mostly rank higher in Google for specific keywords you put on your Video title. So, you have better opportunities to make videos about your affiliate products & to get more leads & customers.

Youtube is free & will be forever. If you don’t have a youtube channel then visit & create one for yourself free.

You can either watch out the below video tutorial to learn how to make a youtube channel of your own free.

Along with Youtube, there out are other sites available as well that freely allows you to create your own videos & publish with the world like youtube such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, Tune.pk & others.

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3:- Join Social Media Sites

Nowadays, everyone uses Social media sites so why not you should promote your affiliate Payoneer link there to get targeted customers to Payoneer through your unique link. All sites are free & allow you to create your own business page & group free of cost.

Like in Facebook, you can either create your own page or group or join other groups & pages for promoting your Payoneer Affiliate Link.

4:- Refer Your Friends & Family

If you believe your friends & family need Payoneer accounts & cards for their own then try referring them to Payoneer through your unique referral or affiliate link & you both will earn good amount of bonus free of cost. This is also one of the best ways to promote Payoneer & earn big cash free.

5:- Write Guest Posts

Everyone is nowadays looking for guest bloggers so why you shouldn’t be the guest blogger to promote your affiliate products. Some of the sites pay money for writing guest posts for them & some of them give credit back to the author by giving backlink to the guest blog so you can easily put your affiliate link in the posts after getting permission from the site admin.

If you are looking for sites that allow guest bloggers to post their guest posts free then you should check out this Post.

6:- Comments On Sites

Almost every blog, site & social media allows other users to share their opinions on their blogs so if you have a good writing skill then commenting is a good way to promote your affiliate link on the same niche sites.

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7:- Advertise On Sites

There out nowadays are hundreds of sites existed on the internet that allows you to advertise your business free of cost without paying any penny. You can find a list of Free Ads Posting Sites Here.

If you have a budget then you can also advertise on online sites such as Google.com, Youtube.com & Facebook.com etc.

8:- Join Micro-Blogging Sites

If you don’t have a budget for advertising online or don’t want to create your own Blog then there out decent of micro blogging sites available that allows you to publish your own contents, affiliate links & other stuff free of cost. Some of the sites are here I’m listing on my behalf.

Here are some other resources to help you find out more microblogging sites.

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9:- Join Online Forums

Online forum sites are also the best sources to promote Payoneer affiliate link & other affiliate products. Everyone nowadays learning & searching forums to get benefits from it & find some valuable info on it.

For you, it is a must have joined place to start promoting your products & helping others. Always care not to be a spammer at all otherwise you would be thrown to the dustbin.

Here’s a list of best forum sites – You must check out.

Lastly, thank you so much for reading & enjoying. Hope you will like this list. Please note that we have not finished this list yet & it would “God Willing” be updated soon. So, it’s requested in your honor to share your ideas & some more wonderful ideas of promoting Payoneer Affiliate link to make up to $1000 without hard working.

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And, also don’t forget to share how much you are making with Payoneer.

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