Is Payoneer Scam? Am I Safe with Payoneer? 2021 Reviews

By | March 18, 2021

Payoneer is the leading Online Payment Solution for freelancers, bloggers, Affiliates & Business owners but the question is Am I Safe With Payoneer? is Payoneer Scam or legit? so in the same article, I’m going to share a review of Payoneer with much evidence that how you & your money will be safe with it.

As we always say that Payoneer is the leading Online Payment Solution so that’s the reason why you would like to create an account with it. If you’re worried about your Money & Your Bank account details then read this review below.

My Own Experience With Payoneer

Payoneer Transactions History

I’ve been using Payoneer MasterCard in my country & I’ve loaded & withdrawn more than $1000 from my account using ATMs & I didn’t have face any problem or glitch either with the ATM or with the MasterCard which Payoneer has issued to me. I’ve been loading my Payoneer account from the following networks & the process is too simple & I never faced any problem either while paying them or withdrawing my earning from them.

  1. PropellerAds.
  2. Revenuehits.
  3. Themeforest.
  4. Mythemeshop.
  5. ETC.

In the situation till now, I’m happy with it as I didn’t face any issue or lost my money. I safely fund my account & withdraw it using ATMs.

Is Payoneer Scam

Payoneer Fees & Charges

Payoneer is a low-cost service that provides you send & receive your money at the lowest fees without any hidden charges. Please read the following table to understand how much they will charge you if you make the following type of payment.

  1. Payment directly to another Payoneer Account Holder is free either you make payment to them or they make payment to you. It’s free of cost & there are no hidden charges for this service.
  2. If you’re using Global Payment Service to receive payment in different currencies then receiving payment in the following currencies EUR, GBP, JPY, CNY is free while USD will charge you $1.
  3. There are two methods for Request a Payment. log into your account & click on Request a payment under Receive menu. If your customer/client or business is choosing Credit Cards (MasterCard or Visa Card) then the fee will be 3% for all currencies. If your customer/client or business is choosing eCheck then the fee will be 1%.
  4. If you’re receiving payment from your affiliates or other marketplaces then the fee is set by them.

Is Payoneer Secure?

Payoneer clearly mentions everything on their Security Center page that how they take their customers’ security so seriously to protects their accounts with very care.

They clearly mention that your secret & personal information is protected from hackers & frauds and from inside the Payoneer team. Every time when your account details are updated or Password/Email is changed, you’ll be notified about it. If you did it then you can ignore the email or otherwise you can directly contact their Support Care.

They are improving & spending time on Security technology as it’s one of the critical issues for them. There is no issue we face so far with it but if you see anything please comment below to let other readers know about it.

Payment Options

  • Prepaid Debit MasterCard.
  • Local banks Withdrawal.
  • Wire Transfers.
  • Direct Payment from One Account holder to Another.
  • Payoneer Integrated with more than 2000 marketplaces that pay through it.

Easy To Use Account

Payoneer account is very simple. You can manage, transfer & receive money & even earn commission without any hurdle. You don’t need to follow & watch videos to understand the basic layout & options but if still, you don’t have any idea, Payoneer has put hundreds of guides & articles, as well as they have launched their own Forum in which you can easily ask for support.

How Long Does It Take To Recieve Payments?

The payment you receive usually takes 2 to 3 days to transferred to your account if you have received & confirmed the confirmation email from the Marketplace. If the days are passed away & you didn’t receive your payment yet then contact their customer care & they will assist you further.

Payoneer Support

Payoneer has a dedicated community in which users can easily & freely discuss their issues but still, Payoneer providing many ways to contact them via the following contact details.

  • Community Forum Support.
  • Live Chat Support.
  • Email Support.
  • Live Call Support.

Hope this review helps you know & understand better. If you wish to share your own reviews about Payoneer then you’re highly encouraged to leave your reviews below in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Is Payoneer Scam? Am I Safe with Payoneer? 2021 Reviews

  1. sandeep mishra

    thanks for sharing information. keep the good work up.

  2. L Pun

    Payoneer is a big scam!! Stay away from them!!!!!
    Whoever want their money back. Here are the info.
    The owner links:
    Founder and President MR. YUVAL TAL
    CEO Prepaid Card MR SCOTT GALIT

    Domain Age: 12 Years, 284 Days
    Last Refreshed: 8 Days ago Refresh
    Website Speed: Fast
    Website Value: $1130985.92

    Organisation: PAYONEER INC
    Owner Address: 1841 BROADWAY
    Owner City: NEW YORK
    Owner Postcode: 10023
    Phone Number: +1.2126009275 United States
    Phone Type: geographic :New York City, NY Rcn Telecom Services, Inc. – Ny
    Email: United States Related to 23 sites

    Owner Country : United States United States
    Website Location : United States United States
    Alert ResultA Malware report has been detected for this website
    Alert ResultA Malware report has been detected for this website
    Alert ResultBad Reviews Detected – indicating a poor reputation
    Alert ResultBad Feedback Detected – indicating a poor reputation

    Don’t let them get away. Report to the NYC police, pls. Noone never got their funds. This web is proposed for stealing innocent people’s fund.

    More than 2000 complaints because Payoneer has been stealing customers’ fund for many years.

  3. kate

    I can’t log into my payoneer account. My account is blocked without showing any reason to me. Nobody informed me about that. I wanted to log into my account and I can not. I can’t withdraw money from the ATM because the ATM rejects the card as unknown and asks me to contact the payoneer. Live chat doesn’t work. My money getting stuck with no reason when I really need them.

    1. Alex Post author

      My recommendation & suggestion in this regard would be to go and touch with Payoneer support. They will help you sort out this issue.
      Hundreds of users are registering with Payoneer but no one asked such question so probably this issue might be with your account only.

      Please do let us know if you have any other question about Payoneer.

  4. David Vale

    I have been trying to get 3000 euros sent to a bank account.
    10 times I am told it’s been sent – never arrives.

    They are regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission – write to them if you are a victim

    Scott Galit is a low life scumbag

  5. erol

    Payoneer is totally SCAM , They steal 2.065 USD from me , they hold the payment that I receive , then again they want ID from me , I again scanned it and send , then they will say that in 2 hours money will active , mand days passed , still NOTHING !!!!!! They blocked the money

    TOTALLY SCAMMERS !!!! PAYONEER IS ONLY A THIEF , SCAMMER !!!! STAY AWAY!!!! Dont lose your money as me

    Erol Ustunsoylu

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  7. PT

    I like to share my recent encounters, tried calling all Australia/ US/ lines given, however finding weird things that is happening as below:

    1) I suspected my name and phone etc had been used by unauthorized person to registered an account with Payoneer. See below as I never had any phone number ending with *******74. Hence I request for reset via email. Following request, I did not received anything from your end in my email in or junk.
    2) The moment I registered, the code was sent to me ,immediately I insert them and it mentioned that code invalid. How could a code be invalid when its just sent?
    3) A toll free line that donot support any queries?

    from the above i decided not to register with them… strange business behavior.

  8. Usman

    Its a scam, I had 16k in my account, my client made the weekly transefer into my account but tole me that he got an error. I tried to login but it tells me that my account has been blocked. talked to the support they say the account has been blocked becasue of illegal activity and they cant give me any more details.
    No communication were done before blocking my account.
    The only acitivty that i ever did was to receive money from the same company twice a week adn withdraw funds to my business’ bank once or twice a month.
    They are chinese scammers giving bad name to china, stay away from them.


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