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Can We Transfer Money From Paypal to Payoneer?

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Yes, it is possible to transfer funds from your PayPal account to your Payoneer account through a simple linking process. This provides a convenient way to move money between the two popular online payment services.

To start, log into your PayPal account and go to Payments > Link a New Bank. Enter your Payoneer account and routing numbers here, which can be found in the Global Payment Service section of your Payoneer account. PayPal will then send two small deposits to your Payoneer account for verification purposes.

Simply log into your Payoneer account, check the amounts deposited by PayPal, and enter them back into PayPal to confirm. This will successfully link your PayPal and Payoneer accounts enabling seamless transfers between them going forward.

The process is completely legal and approved by Payoneer. They have explicitly cleared inbound transfers from PayPal to Payoneer accounts. It provides a simple way to withdraw funds from PayPal into your Payoneer balance, which may have lower fees or better currency conversion rates for certain transactions.

In summary, linking your PayPal and Payoneer accounts makes transferring money between them straightforward and sanctioned by Payoneer. It only takes a few steps to enable transfers from PayPal to Payoneer as needed.