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Is Paypal Available in Pakistan?

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Unfortunately PayPal is currently unavailable in Pakistan and residents are unable to open accounts using local credentials. PayPal does not operate as a payment service within the country. However, non-resident Pakistanis can utilize PayPal by registering accounts in their country of residence and transferring funds to Pakistan via PayPal's Xoom service.

With Xoom, money can be sent directly to a recipient's bank account or received in cash at select partner bank branches. This provides a workaround for receiving PayPal payments from abroad. For Pakistan residents, the most popular PayPal alternatives are Payoneer and Wise (formerly TransferWise).

Payoneer is commonly used among freelancers due to integration with major freelancing platforms and the ability to withdraw funds to local mobile wallets like JazzCash. Wise also enables receiving payments from overseas with low fees and excellent exchange rates. Other options are mobile banking apps like EasyPaisa and JazzCash which now accept international transfers directly into mobile accounts.

In summary, while PayPal is currently restricted for use in Pakistan, there are several suitable payment services and mobile wallet apps that residents can utilize for transferring and receiving money internationally.