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Is Payoneer Restricted for Russian People?

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Unfortunately, Payoneer services are becoming severely limited for Russian users starting in December 2022. Payoneer announced they will no longer be serving clients based in Russia or with Russian bank accounts as of December 16, 2022. Existing Russia-based Payoneer users will have their accounts closed on this date.

Additionally, Payoneer stopped accepting new account applications from Russia starting December 1, 2022. This means Russian users cannot open new Payoneer accounts. The company stated this decision was made to comply with evolving regulations and economic sanctions against Russia.

For current Russian Payoneer users, the ability to withdraw funds is restricted. The last day for withdrawals to Russian accounts was December 6, 2022. After this date, no more withdrawals can be processed from Payoneer to Russian bank accounts. This impacts users of services like TuneCore as well, who rely on Payoneer for royalty payments.

In summary, Payoneer access is now severely limited for Russian users given account closures, withdrawal restrictions, and bans on new Russian accounts. Russian users will need to explore alternative online payment options going forward.