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How Much Does it Cost to Get a Payoneer Card?

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Getting a Payoneer prepaid debit Mastercard is an excellent way for professionals and businesses to access funds in their Payoneer accounts globally. While the Payoneer card does have associated costs, the fees are quite reasonable compared to the immense flexibility and convenience offered.

The upfront cost of a standard Payoneer card itself is free. However, Payoneer charges a $29.95 annual card fee that is billed each year you renew the card to cover issuance and support. If you require express delivery of your card via DHL, a one-time $40 shipping fee applies.

Beyond that, using the Payoneer card to withdraw cash from ATMs incurs a low $3 flat fee per transaction. Purchases and payments with the card tend to have minimal processing fees as well, especially in the same currency and country as issued.

Given the ability to easily withdraw, spend, and manage Payoneer funds from anywhere worldwide, the convenience and security of having a dedicated Payoneer debit card is well worth the small annual cost. And by taking advantage of free ATMs and avoiding unnecessary currency conversions, you can minimize fees and maximize the card's benefits.