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Is Payoneer Available in Afghanistan?

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Unfortunately, Payoneer services are currently unavailable for users in Afghanistan due to recent legal regulations. Payoneer, an online payments company that enables freelancers and businesses worldwide to send and receive cross-border payments, expresses regret that it cannot offer services in Afghanistan at this time.

Previously, Payoneer provided Afghan-based users with virtual accounts, debit cards, and other digital financial services to receive client payments globally and withdraw funds locally. However, due to new compliance and regulatory restrictions, Payoneer can no longer onboard users registering with an Afghanistan billing address.

While disappointing for digital professionals in Afghanistan, Payoneer must adhere to international banking and financial laws. Payoneer emphasizes that they aim to provide accessible payment solutions worldwide and hope to reconsider offering services in Afghanistan if regulations become favorable in the future. In the meantime, Afghan users are recommended to explore available online payment alternatives that align with local policies.